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Thanks for the kind comments and encouragement, Kevin!
They are well deserved!

I'm still figuring my way around SUSE/SLES/openSUSE-LEAP-Tumbleweed distinctions
I was in much the same place myself not too long ago. You should think of this as a journey that offers new experiences and opportunities allong the way.

and I surely don't know the best place to post queries or solutions. I'll look into the Article vs Blog business. Given the volume of postings I've generated around these two issues, a blog might make more sense -- there's still a lot of give-and-take in the discussion as we try to figure out how to make it work.
The forums are still the best medium for exploring ideas and resolving issues. They are the most interactive and the most informal. Blogs and Articles are less interactive but do allow others to provide feedback. A Blog or series of blogs is a good way to generate interest in a topic and to push out information if you have lots to offer.

"Article" sounds more like a more-or-less finished approach to solving a problem, and I'm surely not there yet!
That is also my assessment. Often, for those who are interested, solutions can be found by combing through the forums looking for them. An Article, on the other hand, consolidates all the pertinent information in one place and makes it available to a larger audience. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you are there.

I had gotten pretty discouraged after spending a good deal of time on one problem, then switching to another and getting to the same dead end (!), but exchanges and guidance from Forum participants has been encouraging again. So I'll see if I can make some more progress.
Often real progress can only be achieved after the occasional setback. This is a Community of people helping other people. While the Knowledge Partners, like Malcolm and myself, each have our own areas of expertise and we provide general support in the various forums, we always keep our eyes open looking for others who have something to offer. It's the contributions from other community members like yourself that makes these forums something special.

Thanks again for the note and encouragement!
Your contributions are greatly appreciated!