i'm trying to establish a two node cluster. I have a shared storage i want to use with cLVM.
I followed this guide: https://www.suse.com/documentation/s...ml#cha.ha.clvm
and executed the first three points.
But the ressources don't start properly:

crm(live)# configure rsctest prim_clvmd
Probing resources .WARNING: prim_clvmdrobe: resource running at ha-idg-1

Stop all resources before testing!
crm(live)# configure rsctest prim_dlm
Probing resources .WARNING: prim_dlmrobe: resource not clean at ha-idg-1
host ha-idg-1 (exit code 5)
ha-idg-1 stderr:
2017/01/26_11:41:26 ERROR: Setup problem: couldn't find command: dlm_controld

It seems dlm_controld is missing. I don't find it, the only file i find is dlm_controld.pcmk.
Where can i find the missing file ?