this works only with the normal kernel on my notebook.

Any ideas with the xen-kernel?


Am 21.08.2011 12:06, schrieb mikewillis:
> needee;2130347 Wrote:
>> I got the solution @ 'Ladislav's blog: Installing latest Intel graphics
>> driver to openSUSE 11.4'
>> (http://lslezak.blogspot.com/2011/04/...cs-driver.html)

> SLED 11 SP 1 is not openSUSE 11.4. It's based upon openSUSE 11.2 (but
> it isn't openSUSE 11.2 either).
> I've got some machines with Sandybridge chipset at work (can't check
> the exact spec as I'm not at work) and to get proper graphics support I
> used this:
> 'Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000: Installation Information'
> (http://drivers.suse.com/novell/SLE-S...ll-readme.html)
> Download the iso, use YaST to add it as an Add-On Product and then
> install the drm-kmp-pae package. Some of the other packages should also
> get installed as updates to ones provided in SLED 11 SP 1.
> If the Ethernet card doesn't work go to 'Index of
> /driver-process/pub/update/Intel/sle11sp1/common'
> (http://drivers.suse.com/driver-proce...ll.com/common/)
> and get the intel-e1000e and intel-e1000e-kmp-pae packages.
> I've no idea what the status of the Ethernet packages is in terms of
> supportability. I have asked Novell but they didn't provide an answer. I
> did manage to get them to tell me that they don't support that
> SLE-SANDYBRIDGE iso with the graphics drivers in. Apparently that's
> provided by Intel and if it doesn't work as expected I should talk to
> Intel about it.
> Sandybridge support will apparently be in SLED 11 SP2 which is
> apparently expected the end of this year.
> I've found the issue of Sandybridge support in SLED 11 SP 1 something
> of a saga. Novell's handling of my enquires regarding it have been far
> below the quality of service I've received from them in the past. My
> initial enquiry about Sandybridge support was met with a very curt "we
> can't help you" about two hours after the support request was opened and
> it was then closed. A colleague of mine subsequently found the network
> driver and I found the graphics stuff myself after stumbling upon
> 'Partner Linux Driver Program Search'
> (http://drivers.suse.com/index.php) and eventually figuring out that the
> only way to get the search function to return any results is to put %
> (wildcard) in to the 'Model or Component' field. The support request I
> opened after I'd found these to enquire about the supported status of
> what I'd found, (also to ask why they hadn't previously told me those
> things exist instead of just telling me they couldn't help), didn't get
> a response for six weeks and I'm still waiting for an explanation of
> about what appears to be an Updates channel for these packages which I
> can see listed but can't access.