Ive been testing SLES on RPi for 6-8 weeks. Its my first experience with SUSE and it has been a smooth one. Thanks for this implementation it gives me the ARM8 environment Id been wanting to learn, and it's a very high quality implementation.

One question, though, about the ability to boot from or redirect booting to a USB-attached hard or SSD drive on a Pi-3. Under Raspbian, editing cmdline.txt on mmcblk0 to set root to /dev/sda1 redirects the booting process to the hard drive. Or by preparing the Pi-3 with a special command one time, you can then boot directly from the hard drive (no SD at all) or with a special BOOTCODE.BIN as the only file on the SD, it will redirect booting to the hard drive.

I dont see any option in the /BOOT directory to redirect the boot device, and the only reference to mmcblk is in start.elf (binary, not text).

Is there a way to direct the boot process to go to a USB-attached drive, or to redirect the boot to a hard drive with a modified bootstrap program on a SD? While the booting starts a little slower over the USB rather than on the SD, the performance is much better once you're up and running. This is coming from Firefox/Raspbian/SSD/Pi-3, and I'd like to do the same with SLES on my other Pi-3.