SLES-Enterprise-11-SP2 w/ SDK-SP2 components. Has active subscription and all updates are installed.

I'm having a strange issue here. When "mount --bind /proc /var/lib/named/proc -o ro" gets run in my /etc/init.d/named script (to mount the proc file system in my chroot jail), I get a warning "mount: warning: /var/lib/named/proc seems to be mounted read-write."

mount shows "/proc on /var/lib/named/proc type none (rw,bind)" after mounting /proc with warning, which I find quite odd because I explicitly state I want to mount it as read only.

Please note I want /proc mounted on the fly via the named script and not via fstab, although I'll check to see if there is a difference if i put "/proc /var/lib/named/proc none bind,ro 0 0" in fstab.

Does anyone have any insight on this??

I'm showing this is an old bug??

possible work around?