Let's suppose the common Ceph cluster is just installed and running in an OK health. It has the administratirve user, which has a secret key.
        key = AQBar5RYl3mcARAA+axYUM0Y7nJazb2HEbsfIA==
The goal is: change the secret key to a given value, "AQBpUF1YPJ2eGRAAk1hBH2ETWAIhK2FqoayoJQ==", for example.
Is this goal achievable, at all?
If yes, how to achieve that?

- The direct keyring manipulation changes only 'client' key value, but not 'server'. As a result, cluster becomes unmanageable.
ceph-authtool ceph.client.admin.keyring --name client.admin --add-key AQBpUF1YPJ2eGRAAk1hBH2ETWAIhK2FqoayoJQ== --cap osd 'allow *' --cap mon 'allow profile osd' --cap mds 'allow *'
- The Ceph official documentation says "Do not perform this step if a deployment tool has already done it for you. Be careful!"