I'm having an issue with Evolution and Google Calendar on SLED 11 SP2. When trying to add an event to google calendar (via evolution), I'm getting the error "No such calendar" on the screen, and the following errors out to the console:

(evolution:23439): e-data-server-ui-WARNING **: Keyring key is unusable: no user or host name
calendar-gui-Message: Check if default client matches (1332949458.31593.1@<my hostname - obfuscated> 1332949458.31593.1@<my hostname - obfuscated>)

I checked around and found this:


... which is EXACTLY the problem I'm having, but the version of gnutls on SLED 11 SP2 is much older than the one referenced here. Ironically, the event is created in google calendar, despite the error posted.

Anyone else having this problem or have any ideas / workarounds? Guess I could file a bug report if not...