I have the latest SM3 version installed and in testing. I attempted to install some patches to a SLES12-SP1 system for a future time. The action was scheduled to begin no earlier than 12:50AM CDT and, according to the event history, it was completed at 01:00AM CDT. The patch attempt failed. However, the event history provides absolutely no detailed information as to why it failed. The details from the job history follow. How can I get detailed information on why this job failed?

This action will be executed after 4/7/17 12:50:00 AM CDT
This action's status is: Failed.
The client completed this action on 4/7/17 1:00 AM
Client execution returned
There was no job cache entry.
(code -1)

Patches Affected:
SUSE-12-SP1-2017-451 - moderate: Security update for wget
SUSE-12-SP1-2017-326 - moderate: Security update for libquicktime
SUSE-12-SP1-2017-551 - moderate: Security update for jasper
SUSE-12-SP1-2017-542 - low: Security update for audiofile