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Do you have any experiences doing a service pack update (e.g. SLES 12 SP 2 to SLES 12 SP3) using SUSE Manager 3.1 and salt-minions and automation?
SUSE told us to use the WEB GUI. However the Web GUI provides only a service pack update procedure for single server (!). It does not scale very well for 600+ servers.
I've not yet tried a service pack upgrade but I already dread it. But even with SUMA 2.1 I've never used system groups or multiple clients in SSM for any upgrade action. I always went client by client. I see nowhere in the GUI any hint about how to upgrade more than one minion at a time. So if you want to use the WebGUI I guess you have to schedule upgrades minion after minion.

You could however use spacecmd (or salt if you like it more) to upgrade multiple server.