Hi all,

we are enjoying a flavour of the notorious "unable to get local issuer certificate" behaviour with our virtual SLES 12 SP 1 servers installed and registered a few months ago. Whenever I try to add "Extensions and Modules from Registration Server..." it fails with the aforementioned message. As does SUSEConnect --debug. Updating using update repository "SLES12-SP1-Updates" from "https://updates.suse.com...", works like a charm, though. Curling to "https://updates.suse.com" produces 403 messages, but no certificate problem.

/etc/pki/trust/anchors is plain empty, but contrary to document 7017147 there is no directory /usr/share/rhn either. In fact there is no file with a name containing "*rhn*" systemwide.

Are there any known measures more appropriate for our SLES 12 SP 1 installations than document 7017147?

Thanks and best regards