Hello -

I am running a Shibboleth IdP on a SLES 11 SP1 server. I need to compile an extension to the IdP to do delegation, and for that I need the SDK version of Java (a JRE won't work.) But the installation of the dev/JDK package for the IBM Java 1.6.0 would require a) downgrading the Java version, and b) would remove the JDBC drivers. (I don't know what might be using those database connectors, if anything.)

Since the Shib folks recommended using the Sun or OpenJDK over the IBM version for other reasons, I'm thinking about just installing that instead. So...if I install the OpenJDK, will it replace the IBM one, or do I have to un-install that one first? Will the JDK (whichever version) do what the non-JDK version does, in addition to adding the full Java compiler? I already had to revert to a server snapshot over this issue: I tried adding an installation of the IBM Java 1.4.2 JDK because I stupidly thought I could just point my JAVA_HOME to *that* java compiler, but... no. Bad. :-P

I'm sorry to be so clueless, but the world of Java is a bit opaque to me. I just don't want to break what is already working, and I'd rather not have to reinstall the whole IdP and run it on RHEL (which is a more familiar OS for my colleague, a longtime Linux systems-user.)

Thanks for any advice -

Karla B