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Thread: system hangs on reboot, but not on shutdown

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  1. system hangs on reboot, but not on shutdown

    hello forum,
    I'm new to linux and ran directly in a strange behaviour for a VM on ESX 5.5 vmx-10.
    The installed sles12sp1 is partitioned as follows and I can shutdown or "coldboot" the system, but on "init 6" or "reboot" in x11 the system is going to a black screen - than nothing (I was waiting for 20 minutes).

    1 SCSI LSI Logical Controller
    sda1 /boot ext4
    sdb swap
    sdc1 /<specuser> XFS
    sdc2 /tmp XFS
    sdc3 /opt XFS
    sdd1 /var/log XFS
    sde1 / XFS

    the partion|mountpoint layout was choosen for easier future disk extention
    the choice of the file systems is completely by pure chance.

    my questions:
    where can I find any helpful log - on the screen I'm not getting any message.
    What can be the reason for this issue?
    False combination of partitioning / file system?

    Thank You,

    PS: sorry for any language errors - I'm native German speaker
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