On 16/08/17 13:34, kwimmer wrote:

> Thanks for giving us the heads up on the agenda issues. We had it all
> nicely laid out, but QA missed that the version that got pushed live was
> not the final version. Oops! Anyway it should all be good now. Please
> let us know if you still see anything amiss.

Yes looks like those corrections are live. However I've now spotted a
few more inconsistencies (some of which I realise may be deliberate):

Monday - Registration is listed 8:00-19:00 but Birds of a Feather
Opening Reception is until 19:30

Tuesday - Registration is listed 8:00-18:30 but Conference Party starts
at 18:30 until 21:00.

These two above are based on Registration timings for Wednesday matching
start of off-site party (hard to register on-site for a party that is
taking place off-site and besides staff should be able to attend the
party!) and Thursday match end of Closing Reception.

Friday - Registration is listed 8:00-13:00 but last "event", the
afternoon Testing Session ends 12:45. Given last Breakout Sessions start
at 11:30 (during last Hands-on and Testing Sessions) I'd suggest
Registration can close at 12:00 if not 11:30.

> re: Wednesday evening transportation - we'll give directions on site for
> where/when to catch the bus for the Zofin Palace party. Should be fun!

Yes looking forward to it (though I may be in an exam right up until the
start time of the party - hopefully I'll be able to drop my bag in my
room before catching a bus).

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