Hello all.

1. We have installed SLES for SAP 12 on our server before our license arrive.
2. When the license arrived, we just found out that our license is just for the Standard edition.

Due to this, we cannot feed the license key that we have into the SLES for SAP server because of the wrong version.

1. However, we cannot scrap the servers that we have installed SLES for SAP and start all over again because we have already installed our applications from there and if we scrap it, our current project will be delayed by 3 weeks and this will incur so much cost.
2. We also cannot just let this be because our company is a publicly listed company and it is a requirement by our auditors to keep an active maintenance agreement on all our IT resources, including servers and OS.

1. Can we downgrade SLES for SAP apps 12 SP1 to SLES Standard edition?
2. If #1 is not possible, is there a way were we can feed the SLES Standard license into our server that has SLES for SAP apps? Do note that SLES IS NOT ACCEPTING our activation attempts due to the incorrect version, but we are also asking if there is another way...