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This is a multi-NIC server and this ping originates from the OPT side, which also may be a reason the ping is not making it back. Could this be the problem (multi-NIC server)? The 192.168.123 NIC does not have a gateway set: the 192.168.124 NIC does have a default gateway.
Can anyone help me configure the default gateway for the 192.168.123 network?
I am fairly certain this is a route issue due to multi-homed server. I changed the default gateway to 192.168.123.x's gateway and stuff on the other side of the VPN started working. But now, email does not work. So, until i find out how to add a second gateway, i changed back to 192.168.124.x's gateway. IProute2 is installed and i have found this but the ip route add dev eth1 src table admin returns RTNETLINK answers: invalid argument
So clearly i do not know the correct command to run to add a second gateway.